Trifecta Pets was started because I love my dog Harper and want her to live her best life. This means allowing her to run around outside, rolling in the grass, and experiencing all the wonderful things out there. The problem is she comes back inside and smells.  Bathing Harper often would cause her skin to dry out. She also does not love getting bathed. The dirt and pollen on her fur and skin caused her to itch. I wanted a product that used natural ingredients and was good for her skin and fur and I was surprised there was nothing available!                                                                                                              
I founded Trifecta Pets to fill that need. This easy-to-use product contains pet friendly ingredients that condition fur without leaving a sticky greasy residue. It neutralizes odors without masking them. I have worked closely with chemists to make sure only the best ingredients are used. This is why we are releasing one product at a time. It is a product made with love, research, and results. To enable our fur babies to live their best lives, we need to nurture them - mind, body, and soul. Trifecta! Let's start by using only good ingredients that help nourish their skin and fur.                                                                                     
I am excited to share this product with you!